Our Interns

Heidia Bouafif - Programme Intern (Geneva)

After a Bachelor in French law, Heidia obtained a Master in International and European law from the University of Aix-en-Provence and the University of Helsinki. She graduated last summer with a Master's degree in NGO law, humanitarian law and human rights from the University of Strasbourg. Heidia worked with La ligue des droits de l'Homme to carry out school workshops on the fight against racism and discrimination. She is looking forward to increasing her knowledge at ISHR, with a view to working as legal officer in future, for example on the rights and protection of children, the rights of women and girls, and to develop environmental law from a human rights perspective and work on the effects of global warming on refugees and women. 

Nadia Ruminy- Programme Intern (Geneva)

Nadia is a recent graduate from the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva where she obtained a Master’s degree in Middle East Geopolitics. Prior to this, Nadia obtained a Bachelor’s degree in literal Arabic and International relations at the Inalco in Paris. She chose to study geopolitics and to get involved in human rights because of her Yemeni origins and the dramatic war in this country. Nadia is now looking forward to working with ISHR to gain knowledge and experience about the human rights systems. In future, she would like to work with an NGO in the human rights field, specialising in Middle East issues.