Radio interviews or podcasts

The International Service for Human Rights welcomes all media-related enquiries on human rights issues. For a list of media contacts, click here.



RTS, Mise au point, 22 septembre 2019 : interview de Lina al Hathloul, soeur de loujain a-Hathloul, invitée à Genève par ISHR - watch here



Radio Publique Africaine, 11 April 2019 : interview of Vincent Ploton on Germain Rukuki's trial - listen here

RTS,  Journal de 8h,  8 March 2019 : interview of  Michael Ineichen on Switzerland's refusal to co-sign the first-ever State joint statement made at the Human Rights Council on Saudi Arabia  (from 03:39) - listen here

RTS, 'Tout un monde',  5 February 2019 : interview of  Michael Ineichen on China's detention camps for Uyghur (from 04:12) - listen here

Guyane 1ère, France TV,  13 January 2019 : interview of Vincent Ploton on France's 'Montagne d'Or' mining project in French Guiana (from 25:00) - listen here

Radio Publique Africaine, 10 December 2018 : interview of Vincent Ploton on Burundi's human rights situation - listen here