Fundraise on Facebook

Fundraise on Facebook

Drive donations for human rights by creating a Fundraiser!

  1. Facebook fundraisers are easy ways to raise money for the International Service for Human Rights! You can create a fundraiser for your birthday or any other occasion, at any time to support our programmes with a few simple clicks!

    Starting a fundraiser is easy, so let’s get started!

    1. Login to your Facebook account.
    2. Start to create your own Fundraiser by clicking on the Fundraiser’s icon, or here.
    3. Click Raise money.
    4. In the search bar, type ‘US Friends of International Service for Human Rights Inc’ as the charity of your fundraiser.
    5. Select the goal amount, add your own title and description to the fundraiser.
    6. Click Create.
    7. Get your friends and family involved by sharing your fundraiser daily on your Facebook wall, and individually inviting your most reliable network members to be the first to donate.

Read more here on how to create a nonprofit fundraiser from a Facebook page.