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HRC46 | Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala in focus

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced today the situation for human rights defenders in Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. The absence of the state, legal restrictions, and ineffective practices were highlighted as obstacles that must be urgently tackled by governments. Spanish version

HRC44 | Key issues on agenda of June 2020 session

The 44th session of the UN Human Rights Council will take place on 30 June to 21 July 2020. The Council will consider issues including racism, sexual orientation and gender identity, violence and discrimination against women and girls, poverty, peaceful assembly and association, and freedom of expression, among others. It will also present an opportunity to address grave human rights situations in States including the Philippines, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Belarus, Venezuela, Burundi, Myanmar among many others. Here’s an overview of some of the key issues on the agenda.

Climate emergency | Youth activists are the present and the future!

The Global Climate Strike is happening now. Young people are calling on us to disrupt business as usual and join the strikes on Friday 20 and 27 September. While the media have mainly reported on demonstrations in major cities, young activists in all world regions are defending the environment. We talked to four young defenders to understand why the climate emergency matters to them.

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