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About human rights

Human rights are based on a simple idea:
Everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. No exceptions. Everyone. Everywhere. At all times.

Our commitment to treating each other with fairness and respect is what holds our communities together. When this commitment falters, so do our shared efforts to be free, pursue equality, ensure justice and create peace.

Human rights are the agreed standards to keep us true to that commitment – to ensure that governments and businesses are accountable and to help us create a better future where we can all live free and equal in our dignity and rights.

If you want to learn all about human rights – including what your human rights are, or if you are looking for information about rights, issues about human rights or law about human rights, or are wanting facts about human rights and the various organisations, mechanisms, and people who promote and defend them, you’ll find useful information about human rights on the following pages in this section.



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