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Together with key partners, ISHR regularly organises events in order to amplify human rights defenders’ voices and ensure they have a seat at the table when it comes to denouncing abuses and crafting solutions to the world’s challenges.

Past events

Success through perseverance & solidarity: 25 years of achievements by human rights defenders

The objective of both the report and the side event is to re-emphasise that the work of human rights defenders is legitimate, effective and for the common good.

HRC52 side event - Persecution of political prisoners and human rights defenders in Nicaragua: How should the Human Rights Council respond?

Today more than ever, the firm and decisive accompaniment of the international community is essential to re-establish democracy and the rule of law in Nicaragua. This side event aims at providing a platform for Nicaraguan activists to share their experiences and their call to action with the international community.

From moral duty to legal obligation: Corporate behaviour and human rights in the context of Russian invasion of Ukraine

This event addressed business and human rights in the context of the Russian invasion. It outlined the obligations of foreign companies in the framework of the mobilisation calls and legal arguments obliging companies to support the aggression. The presenters discussed the evidence that indicates alleged complicity in the war by businesses in multiple sectors.

Covid-19 vaccines, transparency, and human rights defenders

In this discussion, we will reflect on how the lack of transparency in the processes of purchase and access to vaccines is crossed by phenomena such as corporate capture, opening the door to conflicts of interest and corruption, and how human rights defenders that strive for transparency have been negatively impacted.

The illusion of abundance: Film screening and discussion

In their film, Erika Gonzalez Ramirez and Matthieu Lietaert introduce us to Berta Cáceres, Carolina de Moura and Maxima Acuña, three women from Latin America defending their communities from transnational corporations - the modern day conquistadors - who aim to reduce their land and livelihood to a pile of profit-feeding raw materials.

UN Guiding Principles and national action plans: A remedy for victims and human rights defenders?

This session aims at providing an opportunity to review the implementation of Natonal Action Plans, and to discuss Mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence (MHREDD) as a way forward in respecting human rights in business.