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‘None of them take orders from anywhere else than Beijing’: analysing China’s efforts to influence the UN human rights treaty body system

ISHR sheds light on the attempts by Chinese diplomats to exert undue influence over the UN expert bodies that oversee compliance with major international human rights treaties and covenants, and makes recommendations for how stakeholders can strengthen the system’s ability to fight back.

Reflections on the UN Human Rights Council in 2022

As 2023 kicks off, the Geneva Advocacy team at Human Rights Watch shares reflections on the work of the Human Rights Council (HRC) over the past year. Despite alleged ‘polarisation’ and ‘inefficiency’, the HRC is an important space for human rights dialogue and protection and a multi-lateral body that can effectively respond to human rights crises across the world, even when the perpetrators are powerful States, writes Lucy McKernan, Deputy Director of Geneva Advocacy with Human Rights Watch.

Director’s update: The remarkable human rights comeback

In the face of existential threats, human rights and multilateralism are making a remarkable comeback. Advocates and activists around the world are turning to international human rights laws and systems to seek justice, equality and accountability - and they are starting to win.

56 organisations back HRCnet campaign to safeguard civil society participation at the Human Rights Council

On 9 December 2022, the Human Rights Council’s Organisational Meeting took place. UNOG announced that hybrid modalities during HRC sessions will be provided for the first quarter of 2023. The presidential statement decided that more discussions were required to reinstate general debates in the June session. The latter is considered an encouraging outcome, as it does not completely exclude the return of these important debates in the June session.

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