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Treaty Bodies: Nicaragua defies human rights bodies, escapes scrutiny

In a rare and unwelcome move, Nicaragua has escaped scrutiny from three UN human rights bodies, most recently with the Committee against Torture. Adding insult to injury, the Nicaragua Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote an insulting letter to the Committee. The Committee took the welcome decision to proceed with the review despite the absence of a State delegation.

China must ensure basic rights of Cheng Yuan and Wu Gejianxiong

On the third anniversary of the arrest of Cheng Yuan, Wu Gejianxiong and Liu Dazhi (the 'Changsha Three'), ISHR and eight rights groups urge Beijing to ensure Wu is effectively released, and Cheng is able to meet with his family, and not subjected to ill-treatment. Cheng Yuan's wife, Shi Minglei, has reported that Cheng still faces strict limitations in access to his relatives, and is subjected to forced labour in Chishan Prison.

Experimenting constructive narratives with young journalists

As part of a 5-week project aimed at furthering the reach of effective narratives on human rights beyond familiar audiences, ISHR conducted a training and writing contest with five young journalists and encouraged them to rethink the coverage of human rights and the people who defend them.

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