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Lawyer Yu Wensheng: The man who never yields

Any country that claims to respect the rule of law, must establish a fair legal system. However, in a totalitarian regime, those in power refuse to be constrained by law or respect citizens' legal rights. They choose to persecute, suppress and arrest lawyers who persist in defending civil rights. One famous example in China is lawyer Yu Wensheng, who was sentenced to four years in prison for “inciting subversion of State power”.

Your human rights inspirations

Human rights inspire hope. In January 2022, we asked you to share some of the human rights stories and successes that inspire you. Thanks for being both courageous and vulnerable in sharing them!

Director’s update: Sharing human rights inspirations

Here at ISHR we have a custom of starting all staff meetings by sharing our inspirations. The inspiration might be something deeply personal, like the resilience of a loved one recovering from illness, something local, like the renaming of a Geneva street to honour a feminist activist, or something work-related, like the release of a human rights defender from arbitrary detention following a concerted global campaign.