Defenders' toolbox

Check out useful tools to enhance your impact on the ground!

Based on our longstanding expertise of human rights mechanisms and our closeness to the needs of human rights defenders, we developed a toolbox for defenders. It includes:

  • Trainings: online and offline; ISHR Academy, our e-learning space to strengthen advocacy skills with the UN; HRDAP, our flagship programme to help defenders leverage the UN to reach their advocacy objectives; Defender Fellowships and Advocacy Advice.
  • Resources: guidebooks, research and reports on specific human rights issues.
  • HRCnet: a network to enhance NGO engagement with the Human Rights Council and to strengthen the Council’s impact and influence on the ground.
  • National legal protection is essential for human rights defenders to do their work safely. In order to facilitate awareness and understanding of developments, ISHR collates latest developments in national legal instruments for defenders and compares them to the Model law.
  • Model Law on the Recognition and Protection of Human Rights Defenders
  • And much more.