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At the heart of the International Service for Human Rights lies the deep commitment to human rights and their advancement.

Our values are reflected in every aspect of our organisation, its  structure, the working methods and conditions or the individuals that work with us. Our teams are made up of competent, committed, human rights-minded members who are focused on serving the best interests of ISHR. ISHR’s governance, management and operations are highly collaborative, accountable and sustainable. Our structure is almost horizontal, with the Board and the staff working together in a close way. The Board decides on the overall strategy, the governance and the sustainability and the staff are responsible for implementing them. Each member of the organisation has an important role to play in ISHR cohesion. It is essential to us that all individuals in ISHR feel comfortable within the organisation, in order to ensure a healthy and respectful working environment for all. ISHR is committed to ensuring that its staff members are physically, psychologically and digitally safe and is committed to providing them with professional development opportunities, both internally and externally.

At ISHR, we are looking for:

  • People who are inspired by and demonstrate their commitment to human rights and social change by their actions and professional and personal engagements
  • People who lead by examples
  • People who demonstrate integrity, respect and being collaborative
  • People who are entrepreneurial and don’t hesitate to take actions to have a positive impact
  • People who work in a flexible and yet strategic way
  • People who want to help to shape our organisation

Our organisation promotes and enables:

  • accessibility and proximity to human rights defenders and mechanisms;
  • organisational agility, dynamism and responsiveness; transparency and accountability;
  • high levels of innovation, trust, responsibility, coordination, collaboration and support;
  • organisational, collective and individual wellbeing, including learning and development, and sustainability;
  • the most efficient and effective use of human and financial resources.

In a nutshell, working for ISHR means working for an agile organisation with colleagues that are passionate and committed to social change. 

  • As an organisation, we promote equality, inclusivity, diversity, transparency and accountability, both internally and externally. Inside the organisation we aim to live our values which are anchored in human rights. We discuss and rethink ourselves continuously so that our corporate identity and values are aligned. 
  • Each staff is engaged in shaping the organisation. 
  • We value collaboration, being there for each other and having a consultative and collegial approach to problem solving. 
  • We strive to be a diverse organisation where each of us feels well integrated and where our wellbeing in the workplace matters.

To address particular needs, develop organisational strategies and policies and promote and enable organisational development and learning, ISHR established four working groups: 

  • Working Group on Non-Discrimination, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Working Group on Wellbeing
  • Working Group on Digital Security
  • Working Group on Programme Coordination, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Non Discrimination, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ISHR aims to have a diverse, united and inclusive staff, that is why we established a special Working Group (WG) on non discrimination, diversity, equity and inclusion. This is to foster mutual respect, understanding, teamwork and a workplace where everyone contributes to the best of their ability regardless of their characteristics. While acknowledging the necessity to address racial discrimination and systemic racism comprehensively, ISHR took the opportunity to do so also with regards to various and intersecting forms of discrimination, including as recognised under international human rights law, namely:  

  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and gender characteristics.
  • Race
  • Disability
  • Religion or belief
  • Language(s) spoken
  • National origin 
  • Ethnic origin
  • Economic and social status
  • Age

Actions to promote non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion internally are embedded within our Human Resources strategy and are intertwined with our wellbeing activities. 

Staff wellbeing

ISHR is committed to the holistic security and wellbeing of staff, fellows, interns and trainees, including their physical, psychological and digital safety and wellbeing, and has a comprehensive suite of policies and practices in this regard. A Wellbeing Work Group has been established in 2019. It organises activities that foster staff engagement and solidarity such as challenges, games, support groups, discussions around wellbeing. Some of ISHR benefits supporting staff wellbeing include:

  • Flexible working arrangements: part-time work, working from home, flexible working hours
  • Paid sick leave 
  • 25 annual leave days
  • Office closure between Christmas and New Year
  • 11 bank holidays
  • Professional Development opportunities
  • Benefits to support working parents include:
    • 16 weeks of parental leave for the primary caretaker paid at 100%
    • 20 days of parental leave for the secondary caretaker paid at 100%
    • Paid time off when child is sick 
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Human rights jobs are more than an everyday occupation. If you aspire to make a difference in the world, help others at your level, human rights careers are made for you!

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International Service for Human Rights internships and fellowships provide hands-on experience working for an international non-governmental organisation (NGO).