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China: immediately release lawyer Yu Wensheng and activist Xu Yan

13 April 2024 marked one year since the Chinese authorities arbitrarily detained prominent human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng and his wife, woman defender Xu Yan. As their health steadily deteriorates, 30 rights groups and the European Union have renewed their call for their prompt release.

UN voices unanimously condemn Hong Kong’s new national security law

Hong Kong's new national security legislation has sparked international concerns over its potential to further erode civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, and civil society engagement with the UN. ISHR calls for the repeal of this law and cease to interpret cooperation with UN bodies as a national security threat.

Addressing transnational repression against human rights defenders

At the 55th session of the Human Rights Council, ISHR's Executive Director Phil Lynch joined a panel of State representatives, UN experts, and civil society actors in discussing transnational repression, delving into its definition, forms, and vital recommendations for States and experts in moving forward.