China UPR mid-term report: 'Strategies of Silence: Repression of Chinese Human Rights Defenders'

In newly published report, ISHR and four partner organisations assess China's lack of implementation of human rights commitments from its 2018 Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The report details the government's diverse strategies to silence and repress human rights defenders, lawyers, and journalists.

In November 2018, the Government of the People’s Republic of China underwent its third UN human rights peer-review (known as the Universal Periodic Review, or UPR), where it received a number of recommendations from other governments to stop arbitrarily detaining human rights defenders (HRDs), lawyers, and journalists, and to amend laws and practices that unduly restrict fundamental freedoms and close space for civil society. The Chinese government actively accepted the majority of these recommendations, identifying most as ‘already implemented.’

ISHR, Front Line Defenders, Safeguard Defenders, Reporters Without Borders, and The 29 Principles, assess the Government's implementation of relevant recommendations in a new UPR mid-term report: Strategies of Silence: Repression of Chinese Human Rights Defenders, Lawyers and Journalists. The five organisations point to patterns of protracted arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and restrictions to freedoms of movement, expression, association and assembly.

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