New Guide | Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly: A Practical Guide for NGOs

ISHR is pleased to launch its Practical Guide to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly - an essential resource for non-governmental organisations looking to press the UN and Member States to address violations of human rights and the promotion of respect for human rights for all.

ISHR is pleased to launch today its Practical Guide to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, a new publication for NGOs that explains this important Committee's role, purpose and how it operates. The aim of this brand new guide is to increase awareness and understanding by civil society, especially human rights defenders and activists, of the Third Committee's crucial work for the promotion and protection of human rights.

The Third Committee is a key part of the UN human rights architecture. It suffers from a lack of civil society engagement which could be improved through greater transparency and understanding of its work, procedures and opportunities for inputs. ISHR has received many requests for information on the Third Committee from civil society representatives. We have witnessed first-hand the difficulties many NGOs face in navigating the Third Committee processes. Our hope is that the information provided in this handbook will not only help NGOs better understand the practices and procedures of the Third Committee and bring some transparency to its work, but also contribute to strengthening the engagement of NGOs with the Third Committee. 

The first chapter provides an overview of the Third Committee, including some background information on where it fits into the larger UN system, as well as its agenda and composition. Chapter 2 addresses what the Third Committee does; its relationship with other UN bodies; which stakeholders can participate in its work; and the role of regional and political groups. Chapter 3 provides an overview of how a UN resolution is crafted and negotiated. Chapter 4 considers how NGOs can engage with the Committee. Finally, Chapter 5 outlines key practical information on accreditation, physical access to the UN, resources and documents, as well as on how to host a side event.

Download the English version here: Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly: A Practical Guide for NGOs 
Versión española aquí: Tercera Comisión De La Asamblea General De La Organización De Naciones Unidas: Una Guía Practica Para ONGs
Téléchargez la version française ici : Troisième Commission des Nations Unies : Guide pratique à l'usage des ONGs