Defenders' stories

Here at ISHR we are constantly being inspired by the brave people taking action to defend human rights and want to share some of their stories with you.

Nawaf Al Hendal: Human rights defender from Kuwait

Nawaf is the founder of Kuwait Watch and an active human rights defender. Nawaf, who is well known for advocating for the rights of stateless persons and other minorities in Kuwait, was advised on arrival in Geneva for the UPR of Kuwait that an arrest warrant awaits him on return home.

Bassam al-Ahmad: Syrian human rights defender

Mr Bassam al-Ahmad is a spokesperson for ‘The Violations Documentation Center in Syria’ (VDC), responsible for managing their advocacy activities. The Centre consists of human rights defenders from across Syria and elsewhere who monitor and document human rights violations committed during the current Syrian armed conflict, and work to increase human rights awareness within Syrian communities.

Adrien-Claude Zoller: ISHR Founder

Born and educated in Geneva, ISHR founder Adrien Zoller’s lifelong commitment to non-governmental and human rights work began as a hobby. Adrien spoke to ISHR about what drove him towards his human rights vocation, and about ISHR’s founding and profound impact to the global human rights movement.

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