ISHR provides both analytical and practical information to human rights defenders to strengthen their access to and engagement with human rights bodies and mechanisms at the international, regional and national levels.

Reprisals | ISHR launches new study on intimidation and its impact on engaging with the UN

Human rights defenders must be able to access and communicate with the UN freely and safely so that the UN can do its crucial work to monitor countries’ compliance with human rights obligations and protect victims from abuse. Some defenders are afraid of even attempting to engage with human rights mechanisms, yet the scale of this problem is unclear, and solutions to address it elusive. To respond to these challenges, ISHR launched a new study on the methodological challenges and opportunities inherent in measuring the impact of intimidation on engagement with the UN human rights system.

The right to dissent | Manual on international law on the right to protest and dissent

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) has published 'The Right to Dissent', a guide to international law obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the right of all persons to participate in public affairs by engaging in criticism, opposition and dissent. The Right to Dissent explains the international legal standards, principles, and jurisprudence protecting the rights to dissent and protest as essential human rights.

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