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Webinar: Introducing ISHR's #EndReprisals database

The webinar will introduce users to the ISHR’s #EndReprisals database and its functionalities.

Location: ONLINE

Join us on 13 July for a webinar to introduce ISHR's #EndReprisals database.

In follow up to ISHR's 2021 study on the impact of the UN Secretary-General's reports on reprisals, the ISHR’s #EndReprisals Database compiles cases or situations of intimidation and reprisals documented by the United Nations UNSG since 2010. 

Each year the Secretary-General prepares a report that documents acts of intimidation and reprisals aimed at creating fear or blocking access to the United Nations of people who defend human rights . 

With ISHR’s #EndReprisals Database, users can more easily navigate the information contained in those reports, and research, analyse, and take action on the cases or situations so that together we can #EndReprisals.

The webinar will introduce users to the database and its functionalities.



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