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40 actions to celebrate ISHR’s 40th anniversary

We are celebrating longstanding and collective efforts in supporting human rights defenders. Join us and find out more!

ISHR’s journey began in 1984, inspired by the courageous actions of human rights defenders who dared to challenge injustices and advocate for a fairer world.

Join us in celebrating our anniversary! We’ve created a list of 40 things you can do to shed light on our mission and the vital work of human rights defenders and advocates who tirelessly strive to make our world a better and more equal place for all.

Twice a week, we will suggest an action that you can do to support ISHR’s work until we reach 40 actions, representing our 40 years of engagement. These actions are designed to be simple yet impactful, allowing everyone to actively participate in the celebration and contribute to the advancement of human rights. Whether you are a long-time supporter or new to our mission, each action will provide a tangible way to support and promote human rights defenders and advocates around the world.

The actions will be published on this page as well as on our social media feeds. From sharing a resource that inspires you, to watching a defender story and sharing what you love about ISHR, every action counts and helps amplify the voices of those who are fighting for justice, equality and freedom.

You can follow the mobilisation here:

Please share these links with your network. The success of our mobilisation relies on the collective effort of our community, so we encourage you to spread the word and invite others to join us. By participating, you are not only celebrating our anniversary but also reinforcing the importance of human rights and the tireless work of those who defend them. We are looking forward to your participation and can’t wait to see the creative ways in which you will engage!

Actions published so far:

ISHR 40th anniversary action 6 for social media

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