ISHR December appeal donor board

A big thanks to everyone who is getting behind our fundraising appeal and investing in a better world by supporting human rights defenders!

Thanks to the following people who generously supported our 2023 human rights defender fundraising appeals.

Add your name to the list – donate now to support human rights defenders in their work to make the world a more fair, just and peaceful place!


$1000 – 4999

$500 – 999

$101 – 499

  • Sarah M Brooks
  • Marina Dailly
  • Christopher Duckett
  • Olivier de Frouville
  • Phil Lynch and Lucy McKernan
  • John Shawley
  • Add your name here!

Up to $100

  • Ahmad Alnashashibi
  • Christine Do Phan
  • Christine Frinchaboy
  • Nadeem Khawaja
  • David and Judith Lynch
  • Rosemary McCreery
  • Vincent Ploton
  • Lorraine Potts
  • Maria Stewart
  • Add your name here!

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