ISHR December appeal donor board

A big thanks to everyone who is getting behind our fundraising appeal and investing in a better world by supporting human rights defenders!

Thanks to the following people who generously supported our 2021 human rights defender fundraising appeals.

Add your name to the list – donate now to support human rights defenders in their work to make the world a more fair, just and peaceful place!


$1000 – 4999

  • Professor Philip Alston
  • Elizabeth Broderick
  • Jean-Claude Erné
  • Jon Webster
  • Add your name here!

$500 – 999

  • Professor Hilary Charlesworth
  • Rosemary McCreery
  • Chris and Margaret Sidoti
  • Patricia Schulz
  • Add your name here!

$101 – 499

  • Christopher Duckett
  • Professor Olivier de Frouville
  • Hugh de Kretser
  • Phil Lynch and Lucy McKernan
  • Erik Mose
  • Add your name here!

Up to $100

  • Caroline Avanzo
  • Wolfgang Benedek
  • Marina Dailly
  • Paula Danilczyk
  • Jill Donnelly
  • Christine Do Phan
  • Nathanael Grosser
  • Holga Heller
  • Michael Ineichen
  • Josel Menez
  • Lorraine Muller
  • Antsa Rakotonanahary
  • Stephen Share
  • John Shawley
  • Sarah Sobczak
  • Maria Stewart
  • Diego Villanueva
  • Jelena Zaric
  • Add your name here!

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HRC50: Burundi must cooperate with the Special Rapporteur

Following the adoption of resolution 48/16, a mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on Burundi was established. During its 49th session, the Human Rights Council appointed Fortuné Gaetan Zongo as the mandate holder. On 29 June 2022, he presented his first oral update during the 50th session of the Council.

HRC50: Sudan must end violence against peaceful protestors and women human rights defenders

On 15 June 2022, the Human Rights Council held the interactive dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on the situation of human rights since, and human rights violations and abuses committed during, the period of the military takeover in the Sudan. ISHR delivered a joint statement on behalf of MENA Women Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Sudan Women Rights Action and Nora Center for Combating Sexual Violence, on the situation of women and human rights in Sudan to shed light on the struggle for equality, freedom and democracy.

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