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The International Service for Human Rights is composed of a diverse and united group of individuals who are deeply committed to human rights and ISHR values. 

Our teams work in a collective, collaborative and innovative way. ISHR is committed to ensuring the psychological, physical and professional wellbeing of its staff, fellows, interns, trainees and volunteers. ISHR is also committed to the digital security of its members. To this end, the organisation has a comprehensive suite of policies and safe practices.

The Board provides ISHR strategic leadership, policy guidance and support for organisational development. It ensures that ISHR enjoys prudent, sustainable and accountable management. The governance and sustainability of ISHR is the responsibility of the Board. All its outstanding members contribute according to their qualifications and capacities. They do so in terms of access to networks, fundraising, mentoring and professional development, publicity and media engagement, organisational representation, and high-level advocacy. 

ISHR staff are responsible for the implementation of the strategic framework provided by the Board. They work in a way which is agile, strategic, innovative, collaborative, effective, efficient, accountable and sustainable. ISHR also provides them with opportunities for their professional development, both internally and externally. Each of our members is an incredible added value and together, they bring a various palette of expertise, experience and knowledge to ISHR.

Learn about the people who make ISHR!


ISHR is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the overall strategy and governance of the organisation.


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