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You have the power to create a better tomorrow for everyone! We all benefit from human rights and we all have the right to promote and protect them. When we come together recognising our shared humanity, we can hold each other to account, seek justice and craft solutions to our shared challenges. Support our human rights campaigning! 

ISHR EndReprisals Campaign 2024

Protect our voices at the UN: #EndReprisals!

Imagine determined individuals speaking up for what’s right for their communities, and then facing intimidation, threats and even imprisonment when they engage with the United Nations. This is not acceptable. Help us safeguard their voices and freedom. Join our campaign to #EndReprisals!

Human rights defenders world illustration

Celebrating 25 years of the UN Declaration on human rights defenders

25 years ago, the United Nations adopted the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. The declaration has been essential to protect those who defend human rights. It's time to celebrate the Declaration, human rights defenders and all the contributions they have brought to our societies.

Call on China to free defenders and #RepealRSDL

We are mobilising the international community to put pressure on the Chinese Government to #RepealRSDL, a form of enforced disappearance widely used to silence those who defend human rights. Join our campaign!

End gender apartheid

ISHR joins the call by women human rights defenders from Afghanistan, activists and legal experts for the international community to recognise and prosecute the crime of gender apartheid.

Past campaigns

“But we must try!”: Cao Shunli, the unsilenceable legacy

Ten years ago, Chinese woman human rights defender Cao Shunli was a victim of deadly reprisals for engaging with the United Nations. The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) and partners are paying her tribute and honouring other Chinese, Uyghur, Tibetan and Hong Kong human rights defenders who continue to hold the Chinese government accountable.

It's time to #EndReprisals

Human rights defenders are essential voices from our communities. They face intimidation and reprisals when engaging with the United Nations. Join our campaign to #EndReprisals!

Illustration of people protesting in front of the UN Human Rights Council.


17 countries are running for a seat at the Human Rights Council. All of them need to improve their human rights record. Join us to make sure the Council remains strong and principled!

UN must renew critical protection mechanism on Nicaragua

International and local Nicaraguan civil society organisations are calling for the renewal of key United Nations human rights protection mechanism on Nicaragua.

Let’s renew the Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela

We did it! The Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela was renewed for another 2 years: #LetTheMissionContinue!

A wide view of room XIX as delegates walk out during the address by Sergey V. Lavrov (on screen), Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, to the high-level segment of the 49th regular session of the Human Rights Council (28 February – 1 April 2022)

States must vote #RussiaOutOfHRC

Russia is committing massive human rights violations in Ukraine. ISHR and its partners called on the UN General Assembly to suspend Russia's membership to the Un Human Rights Council. As a result of the campaign Russia was voted out of the HRC.

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