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Join our campaigns

You have the power to create a better tomorrow for everyone! We all benefit from human rights and we all have the right to promote and protect them. When we come together recognising our shared humanity, we can hold each other to account, seek justice and craft solutions to our shared challenges. Support our human rights campaigning! 

Current campaigns

Elect to stand up for civil society

In five months time there's the chance to change the gatekeepers for civil society into the UN. Elections to the UN Committee on NGOs provide that opportunity. Get involved!

Nicaragua: time for the UN to appoint experts to investigate human rights violations

After recent sham elections, Colectivo 46/2 and ISHR call on the UN to appoint experts to investigate gross human rights violations taking place in Nicaragua since April 2018.

Call on China to free defenders and #RepealRSDL

ISHR, Safeguard Defenders, The Rights Practice and The 29 Principles are mobilising the international community to put pressure on China to #RepealRSDL and end enforced disappearances against human rights defenders. Join our campaign!

Join the Alternative Human Rights Expo

ISHR and 20 more partners are campaigning for the release of human rights defenders in the UAE and to counter the narrative of tolerance the country aims to feature at the Dubai Expo.

Past campaigns

Help us to #EndReprisals at the UN

We did it! On 8 October 2021, the Human Rights Council adopted a strong resolution on reprisals. Our work to #EndReprisals is not over!

Join our #HRCelections2021 campaign!

18 countries are running for a seat at the Human Rights Council. All of them need to improve their human rights record. Join us to make sure the Council remains strong and principled!

More actions

Join us to build a fairer, more equal and more sustainable society by supporting human rights!


You can help make the world more fair, equal and sustainable by supporting a human rights defender.

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