Annual Report: Power in Coalition

Annual report 2023 for year ending 31 December 2022

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Vision and strategy

ISHR sees human rights defenders as essential agents of progress and positive change.
Their work is vital for gender justice, racial justice, environmental justice, criminal justice and economic justice.

Goals and impact

We support human rights defenders, protect rights, promote accountability, and strengthen human rights laws and systems.

Our supporters

The generous contributions of our donors sustain our work to support human rights defenders.

JULIO ACHMADI, human rights defender, environmental activist and public interest lawyer from Indonesia

'In 2050, I would like to see that defenders are able to exercise their freedom.'

Who we serve and support

ISHR supports and acts in solidarity with human rights defenders in their work for freedom, dignity, equality, justice and other fundamental values at the international, regional and national levels. We undertake this work with and through other non-governmental organisations, networks and coalitions.

  • 17,141

    number of people accessing information and support through the ISHR Academy

  • 1,056

    number of human rights defenders to whom ISHR provided training or advocacy support

  • 20

    number of human rights defenders that we supported in addressing the UN Human Rights Council directly in 2022

Play video Our contribution to human rights change in 2022

Our contribution to human rights change in 2022

Here are some of the things we are most proud of; impacts that reflect and were made possible thanks to the creativity, solidarity, and resilience of our partners, our staff, and the human rights defenders we collectively serve.

New resources

In 2022, ISHR published a number of resources supporting all people who defend, promote and protect human rights.

Third Party Interventions before UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies

This ISHR guide seeks to demystify and democratise the TPI procedure and thus widen the circle of those who can make use of it. It aims to do so by providing practical tools and tips on how to submit TPIs to the UNTBs. Available in English, French and Spanish.

New narratives - A seat at the table

Effective Narratives: A seat at the table

Whether as community activists, NGO workers, or diplomats, most of us who support human rights are involved in putting stories out into the world. Discover our guide to crafting effective human rights narratives at the UN! Available in English, French, Spanish and Turkish.

LGBTI Rights: Updated factsheets on UN Special Procedures

ISHR and ILGA World have updated their factsheets on different UN experts – check out the references to LGBTI persons and recommendations that these Special Procedures have made.

China's positions on reprisals

This new ISHR report presents the evolution of China’s public stance on reprisals in dialogues at the UN, and summarises the way in which it has portrayed civil society’s cooperation with the UN as a ‘criminal act’.

Breaking down the UN's Xinjiang report

On 31 August 2022, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released its much-awaited report on serious human rights violations in the Uyghur region (Xinjiang). ISHR prepared a multilingual explainer to break down the report's findings. Available in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Cover of Hong Kong report

The National Security Law in Hong Kong: adverse impacts and increased risk of reprisals

Drawing on legal analysis and illustrative cases, this report shows that one of the many challenges posed by the National Security Law for Hong Kong is an effective criminalisation of engagement with the UN - and as a result, a chilling effect on defenders' engagement.


'It will be a world that emphasises the importance of inclusive societies.'

Increase in ISHR online media activity since 2021

  • ⬆74%

    370,193 of sessions on

  • ⬆12%

    30,588 followers on the English Twitter account

  • ⬆29%

    27,958 YouTube views

  • ⬆16%

    1,184 Instagram followers

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ISHR is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the overall strategy and governance of the organisation.


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We stand with Ukraine

and with human rights defenders everywhere striving for peace, justice and accountability

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