Sierra Leone, Spain
, Europe

Human rights defender's story: Moses Von Kallon, from Sierra Leone

Moses Von Kallon is a human rights defender and the co-founder of Aquarius Supervivientes, a group that advocates for the rights of immigrants in Spain and supports their integration.

Himself a survivor of the harsh journey across the Mediterranean Sea, Moses was one of over 600 persons rescued off the coast of Lybia by SOS Méditerranée’s Aquarius vessel in 2018 – a journey during which his rescue ship was turned away from Italian and Maltese waters.

He told ISHR about how he started his organisation Aquarius Supervivientes after settling in Spain and how he has wrestled with everyday racism.

‘Immigration is not a disease,’ he said, as he shared his hopes for a future where justice and free movement would be guaranteed to those who are forced to leave their homelands to find safety.