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Human rights defenders’ story: Sila and Esma from Germany

Sila, a German college student, and Esma, an Uyghur from Frankfurt, co-founded the Uyghur Youth Initiative to advocate for Uyghur rights. Through protests, social media, and educational campaigns, they aim to raise awareness of the Uyghurs' plight and empower both Uyghur and allied youth in Germany.

Ending complicity in international crimes: A two-way arms embargo on Israel

Over 170 organisations demand that States that have provided and continue to provide arms and other forms of military assistance to Israel, adhere to their legal obligations and act resolutely and urgently to prevent Israel from perpetuating further international crimes and other serious violations of international law. This includes their obligations to prevent the commission of genocide.

HRC54: Fighting systemic racism in the United Kingdom

At HRC54, INQUEST and ISHR delivered a joint statement highlighting State-related deaths of Africans and African descendants due to systemic racism in the United Kingdom, and calling for adequate investigation and resources for welfare, health, housing, education and social care.

Do not elect Russia to UN Human Rights Council

States should not vote for Russia as a member of the UN Human Rights Council in elections set to be held at the UN General Assembly on 10 October, say ISHR, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights House Foundation and other leading NGOs in an open letter.