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Crimes against humanity continue in Venezuela say UN experts, naming perpetrators

In Venezuela it is government policy to torture dissents, the UN mission of experts on Venezuela told the world two years ago. These violations, amounting to likely crimes against humanity, continue. In their latest report the experts dive deeper into the nature of the crimes, who the victims are and names perpetrators. This morning this report goes before the Human Rights Council.

UN mechanisms should remain at the heart of foreign policy on Venezuela

In 2019, a group of largely Latin American states led a successful bid for the United Nations to establish an independent investigative mechanism on Venezuela in response to the human rights crisis in the country. During these years, the Mission has been a key mechanism in a system of complementary international bodies providing a vision of the change needed to eradicate impunity and prevent further systemic human rights violations. Now, a few weeks off the expiration of the Mission’s mandate, States in the region must again take leadership of a process to ensure its preventative work continues in particular with the uncertainty of a Presidential electoral period looming.

Nicaragua continues to defy UN human rights bodies, escapes scrutiny

In a rare and unwelcome move, Nicaragua has escaped scrutiny from four UN human rights bodies, most recently with the Committee against Torture (CAT) and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). Adding insult to injury, the Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote an offensive letter to the Committee.

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