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Has the UN Declaration made a difference to the lives of human rights defenders?

In 1998 the world made a commitment to promote and protect the rights of defenders. Twenty years on, what real difference has the UN Declaration - and subsequent UN resolutions and recommendations - made to the lives of human rights defenders in Colombia and Tunisia? A new report by ISHR and partners provides insights and proposals for change.

Promising but patchy | UN work on human rights defenders

Since the adoption of the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, UN bodies have developed approaches to promoting the work of defenders and ensuring their protection. However, this response has been insufficiently robust or coordinated. Twenty years on, the situation for defenders in many countries around the world remains grave.

HRC37 | 71 States fail to respond to allegations of rights abuses

In two statements, ISHR and Amnesty International have called on the President of the Human Rights Council to urge 71 States to respond to communications by UN experts regarding alleged human rights violations, and have raised the alarm regarding personal attacks on such experts.

HRC34 | Council unites to stand with human rights defenders

The Human Rights Council has united to adopt a consensus resolution on the protection of human rights defenders. The resolution, extending the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur, comes at a time when the work of defenders has never been more important nor more threatened.

HRC34 | States and NGOs call for strengthened Universal Periodic Review

The third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review should be marked by an increased focus on the participation and protection of human rights defenders and other civil society actors, both in the process itself and through the implementation of recommendations at the national level.

Human Rights Council: Speak out strongly for civil society protection

Members of the UN's top human rights body should support the positive contribution of civil society to the protection of human rights, and resist attempts to undermine a resolution intended to respond to the global crackdown on civil society, a group of more than 240 civil society groups said today.

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