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Thanks to those of you who sent messages of solidarity to the 18 amazing advocates and activists who participated in the 2019 edition of our Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme. They have now returned to their communities where they are leveraging what they’ve learned so that everyone can enjoy their basic rights. 

We’re now asking you to show solidarity in a different way. 

With your generosity, we could expand our support to more at-risk defenders, especially those in emergency or crisis situations, such as is currently the case in Venezuela. 

Photo: Pixabay/Pedro Wiara

When situations deteriorate rapidly, government and philanthropic funders are often slow to react. The country concerned may not be one of the target countries they identified as a priority for support in developing their aid years before. 

This is where people like you – private individuals who are passionate about human rights –  can make a difference. Your donations to ISHR are unrestricted funds that we can use to provide vital advice and advocacy support to prevent or respond to emergency or crisis situations in real time. 

Right now, there is a human rights and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Venezuela. Human rights defenders are being imprisoned or forced into exile by the government. Their work is essential to preventing further conflict and deterioration, and to ensure that all Venezuelans can live in peace and have a sustainable future in their country. With your support, we can help protect those defenders and build a bridge for them to use the international human rights system as a powerful platform to expose abuses, seek justice and push for national-level change.


At ISHR, we believe that human rights defenders are the essential agents who bring real changes and provide solutions to crisis on the ground. With your donation, you are equipping and empowering these courageous activists to achieve a better world where we all fit in. Thank you for contributing to transformative change!

Yours sincerely

Phil Lynch
e: [email protected]

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To end impunity and ensure accountability for acts of harassment, reprisals, and intimidation against defenders who engage with UN mechanisms, ISHR has continued to call for States to raise specific cases when given the opportunity. During HRC52, BENELUX answered ISHR’s call, raising 6 specific cases of reprisals against defenders from Belarus, Burundi, Cameroon, China, Egypt, and Venezuela.

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