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Peru | Justice delayed by decades is justice denied

Lea el artículo en español aquí.

Peru is undergoing its third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review while it suffers one of the gravest political crises since its return to democracy. ISHR and the National Coordinator for Human Rights exhort the Peruvian government to implement the necessary recommendations to protect human rights defenders.

Luisa Rios from Peru

Luisa Rios has been working for several years with environmental defenders in Peru. In the past, Luisa helped an indigenous leader capture the attention of the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples, in order to draw attention to the adverse impacts of investment projects on people in isolation.

In this video, Luisa talks about her current role as the Office Director for the Madre Dios branch of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA), an organisation that leads a free legal clinic that offers legal assistance and defense to forest users and environmental defenders in the region.

Human rights defender’s profile: Ana María Vidal Carrasco from Peru

'Human rights should come before everything else - before public policy. The States have a duty to guarantee, promote, and protect human rights', said Ana María Vidal Carrasco in her Interview with ISHR. We had the honour to talk to her, when she was in Geneva for Peru's Universal Periodic Review.

HRC37 | Key issues on agenda of March 2018 session

The 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council, from 26 February to 23 March 2018, will consider issues including the protection of human rights of migrants, torture and human rights defenders. It will also present an opportunity to address grave human rights situations in States including Burundi, Syria, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Eritrea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Honduras, and Guatemala among many others. Here’s an overview of some of the key issues on the agenda.