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Nicaragua continues to defy UN human rights bodies, escapes scrutiny

In a rare and unwelcome move, Nicaragua has escaped scrutiny from four UN human rights bodies, most recently with the Committee against Torture (CAT) and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). Adding insult to injury, the Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote an offensive letter to the Committee.

Hong Kong must uphold rule of law, protect against reprisals

At their review before UN rights committee, representatives from Hong Kong dodged questions on the implications of the 2020 National Security Law and refused to address fears of reprisals against civil society actors taking part in the process.

The Human Rights Committee, Hong Kong and Macau’s reviews

Ahead of Hong Kong and Macau's review by the Human Rights Committee in July 2020, ISHR has prepared an explainer summarising the Committee's work to oversee the implementation of civil and political rights, and opportunities for civil society engagement in its review process. Civil society plays a vital role in informing the Committee's assessment, and pointing to key areas of concern.