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Strengthening diplomatic initiatives for the protection of human rights defenders

ISHR’s ‘action sheets’ on diplomatic initiatives for the protection of human rights defenders are tools to enhance the impact of diplomatic guidelines and other forms of support to HRDs. They help defenders better leverage diplomatic support, and assist diplomatic representatives to provide better quality, consistent and targeted support to HRDs, including women human rights defenders, defenders working in restrictive environments and environmental human rights defenders.

Business | Concrete ways to support human rights defenders

One of the most important and urgent opportunities for responsible business is to support basic human rights and those who defend them. How can companies take concrete actions to protect human rights defenders and the 'shared space' in which both operate? A groundbreaking new publication by the Business Network on Civic Freedoms and Human Rights Defenders is providing concrete advice to companies.

The right to dissent | Manual on international law on the right to protest and dissent

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) has published 'The Right to Dissent', a guide to international law obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the right of all persons to participate in public affairs by engaging in criticism, opposition and dissent. The Right to Dissent explains the international legal standards, principles, and jurisprudence protecting the rights to dissent and protest as essential human rights.

New manual aims to make violations against women human rights defenders and their activism visible

A landmark new manual for and about women human rights defenders has just been launched by the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition. Providing women human rights defenders with the tools to document their experience and that of colleagues, the manual aims at generating awareness about violations and abuses against defenders and supporting demands for human rights change.