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ACHPR77: Tanzanian civil society validates a human rights defenders policy

On 19 October, with the support of ISHR, the Tanzanian Human Rights Defenders Coalition organised a one day event with defenders from all around the country to reflect on the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on human rights defenders and validate the civil society led draft on the promotion and protection of the rights of defenders in Tanzania.

HRC42 | Side with human rights defenders, side with humanity

From rescuing vulnerable people drowning at sea to rescuing a planet which is suffocating and burning, human rights defenders are working to serve humanity. By contrast, governments and businesses which smear, criminalise and kill defenders are working to the detriment of us all, ISHR Director Phil Lynch has told the UN Human Rights Council.

LGBTI | NGOs call on States to address the root causes of violence and discrimination

No person should suffer violence or discrimination on any ground. Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the UN Independent Expert mandated to combat and protect against violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, presented his first report at the Human Rights Council this week. The report called on States to create a safe and enabling space for the work of LGBTI rights defenders.