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Human rights defender profile: Juan Auz from Ecuador

ISHR was pleased to interview Juan Auz who participated in our last Human Rights Defenders Advocacy Programme in Geneva. Juan is the co-founder of Terra Mater, an NGO advocating for the rights of Indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazonian region.

Belen Paez: Director of the Pachamama Foundation (Fundación Pachamama, Ecuador)

Over the past 16 years, the Pachamama Foundation has been working for the conservation of tropical forests and the respect of the rights of indigenous communities. We have supported more than 30 communities, working for the recognition and respect of their rights. As part of achieving this, we have advocated for legislative advances, most notably successfully lobbying in 2008 for the inclusion of the rights to nature in the Constitution. Ecuador is the first country in the world ever to do so.