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Human Rights Council: Speak out strongly for civil society protection

Members of the UN's top human rights body should support the positive contribution of civil society to the protection of human rights, and resist attempts to undermine a resolution intended to respond to the global crackdown on civil society, a group of more than 240 civil society groups said today.

States silence debate on family diversity at Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution on the ‘Protection of the Family’ which ignores the reality that various forms of family exist, and does not comply with international human rights standards, the International Service for Human Rights said today.

Developing a model national law to protect human rights defenders

The legal recognition and protection of human rights defenders at the national level is crucial to ensuring that they can work in a safe, supportive environment and be free from attacks, reprisals and unreasonable legal restrictions. Recognising this, ISHR has started work on an ambitious project to develop a model national law on the protection of human rights defenders.