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Ending complicity in international crimes: A two-way arms embargo on Israel

Over 170 organisations demand that States that have provided and continue to provide arms and other forms of military assistance to Israel, adhere to their legal obligations and act resolutely and urgently to prevent Israel from perpetuating further international crimes and other serious violations of international law. This includes their obligations to prevent the commission of genocide.

HRC41 | Civil society presents key takeaways from Human Rights Council

Civil society organisations welcomed significant outcomes of the Human Rights Council's 41st session, including the extension of the SOGI mandate, adopting the first resolution on the Philippines and extending its scrutiny over Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Belarus and Ukraine. This session witnessed heightened scrutiny of Council members by shedding light on the situations in Saudi Arabia and China. It missed an opportunity, however, to ensure that human rights are not sidelined in Sudan.

HRC41 | Impunity emboldens governments to continue committing reprisals

Targeting those who engage, or seek to engage, with the UN violates human rights, undermines its mandate, subverts its integrity, and threatens its credibility. States must step up their efforts to increase the political cost for other States committing reprisals and thus contribute to prevention of acts of intimidation and reprisals.