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Ending complicity in international crimes: A two-way arms embargo on Israel

Over 170 organisations demand that States that have provided and continue to provide arms and other forms of military assistance to Israel, adhere to their legal obligations and act resolutely and urgently to prevent Israel from perpetuating further international crimes and other serious violations of international law. This includes their obligations to prevent the commission of genocide.

Upholding the legacy of David Petrasek

Thank you David for being that independent mind and voice, and for helping countless human rights academics, activists and practitioners, including myself, to pause, reflect and think critically about what we do.

HRC38 | Critical situation of environmental defenders should serve as benchmark for diplomatic support

The UN Working Group on business and human rights, together with States, must consider the particular threats and attacks on defenders working on rights related to land and environment, ISHR and a group of environmental defenders told the Human Rights Council. ISHR also emphasised that States providing diplomatic support to business should also require a clear commitment to respect, consult and protect defenders.

Human rights defenders | Global crackdown threatens democracy and development

The widespread and systematic crackdown on human rights defenders in many parts of the world threatens democracy and development, says UN expert in face of 'unprecedented attacks'. In this context, ISHR calls on States with a genuine commitment to human rights and sustainable development to welcome the report and strongly support the renewal of the expert's mandate.