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Hong Kong must uphold rule of law, protect against reprisals

At their review before UN rights committee, representatives from Hong Kong dodged questions on the implications of the 2020 National Security Law and refused to address fears of reprisals against civil society actors taking part in the process.

After 7 years Niger finally adopts a law protecting human rights defenders

The Law on the Rights and Duties of human rights defenders adopted by Niger reaffirms the State's commitment to reinforce the protection of defenders and the role played by human rights defenders in Niger. Its effective implementation should help create an enabling working environment for defenders.

States and human rights organisations urge the UN to continue focus on Venezuela

The UN must continue its multi-pronged approach on Venezuela, civil society organisations and States urged during a week that saw a review of the implementation of recommendations made by the High Commissioner for Human Rights to Venezuela and the adoption of the Universal Periodic Review's Third Cycle report on the country.