Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines

ISHR continues its work to strengthen the legislative protection of human rights defenders in Asia

Across 2019 and 2020 ISHR will work in Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines on projects towards the recognition and protection of the rights of human rights defenders in national law. 

This work builds on the regional consultation held by ISHR in Manila, Philippines in January 2018. Representatives from several countries within Asia participated in the consultation, including Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan and Sri Lanka. 

Through this project, in collaboration with Frontline Defenders, ISHR seeks to increase the recognition and protection of human rights defenders in Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines, through capacity development and targeted advocacy for the development and amendment of laws, policies and regulations that protect the rights of human rights defenders; and through increasing public awareness of and support for HRDs and their work. 

The project will be primarily composed of three kinds of activities:

  1. Empower and increase the capacities of human rights defenders by providing them with advice and resources regarding strategies to enhance the protection of their rights in national legislation.
  2. Raise awareness, engage local communities and build public support for human rights defenders to leverage pressure on decision makers to support their work and protection.
  3. Support and assist human rights defenders to conduct national level advocacy to implement strategies developed and work towards the development of laws, policies and regulations to protect their rights; as well as the repeal of laws that restrict their rights. 

The project builds on ISHR’s long-term program on Legal Protection of Human Rights Defenders

We are grateful to the United Nations Democracy Fund for supporting this work:


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