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One year in detention: we stand with #Xuebing

Today, 19 September 2022, marks one year in detention for two young Chinese human rights defenders: Huang Xueqin, an independent journalist and key actor in China’s #MeToo movement, and Wang Jianbing, a labour rights advocate. China must respect and protect their rights in detention.

Xinjiang: the time for the Human Rights Council to act is now

Faced with overwhelming evidence, and in line with the Human Rights Council’s mandate and objective criteria for action, ISHR calls on all States to support the establishment of an independent international mechanism to monitor and report on human rights in China and promote accountability for violations.

Historic UN report provides momentum to address grave violations against Uyghurs in China

Despite significant pressure, the UN human rights office has published its findings on the Chinese government's persecution of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. This first-ever UN human rights report on a major power and permanent member of the Security Council demands global condemnation and action at the upcoming UN Human Rights Council session.

China must ensure basic rights of Cheng Yuan and Wu Gejianxiong

On the third anniversary of the arrest of Cheng Yuan, Wu Gejianxiong and Liu Dazhi (the 'Changsha Three'), ISHR and eight rights groups urge Beijing to ensure Wu is effectively released, and Cheng is able to meet with his family, and not subjected to ill-treatment. Cheng Yuan's wife, Shi Minglei, has reported that Cheng still faces strict limitations in access to his relatives, and is subjected to forced labour in Chishan Prison.

Hong Kong must uphold rule of law, protect against reprisals

At their review before UN rights committee, representatives from Hong Kong dodged questions on the implications of the 2020 National Security Law and refused to address fears of reprisals against civil society actors taking part in the process.

Before ending term, UN High Commissioner urged to set the record straight on China’s human rights crisis

As High Commissioner Bachelet announces end of term amidst sharp criticism of her visit to China, a growing number of governments and NGOs call for the presentation of her Xinjiang report. Meanwhile, over 40 UN experts issue strong call for an international inquiry into China’s human rights crisis, an effort restoring some credibility to the UN’s Human Rights Office with human rights defenders.