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China: immediately release lawyer Yu Wensheng and activist Xu Yan

13 April 2024 marked one year since the Chinese authorities arbitrarily detained prominent human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng and his wife, woman defender Xu Yan. As their health steadily deteriorates, 30 rights groups and the European Union have renewed their call for their prompt release.

UN voices unanimously condemn Hong Kong’s new national security law

Hong Kong's new national security legislation has sparked international concerns over its potential to further erode civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, and civil society engagement with the UN. ISHR calls for the repeal of this law and cease to interpret cooperation with UN bodies as a national security threat.

Human rights defenders’ story: Sila and Esma from Germany

Sila, a German college student, and Esma, an Uyghur from Frankfurt, co-founded the Uyghur Youth Initiative to advocate for Uyghur rights. Through protests, social media, and educational campaigns, they aim to raise awareness of the Uyghurs' plight and empower both Uyghur and allied youth in Germany.

Rights groups call on Geneva to install permanent monument for Cao Shunli and all victims of deadly reprisals

Ten years after her death in custody on 14 March 2014, civil society, UN staff, and diplomats paid tribute to Chinese woman human rights defender, Cao Shunli, in a solemn reception outside the UN headquarters. Rights groups unveiled a commemorative bust of Cao, calling on Geneva’s local authorities to make it a permanent public homage to her memory and that of all human rights defenders targeted for cooperating with the UN.

Repository of United Nations recommendations on human rights in Macao

This page compiles all recommendations issued by UN human rights bodies - including the UN Special Rapporteurs and Working Groups, the UN Treaty Bodies, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights - on the human rights situation in Macao since 2018. Recommendations are sorted by topic and community affected.