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ACHPR71: States in Africa must guarantee the effectiveness of human rights

ISHR delivered a statement on the situation of human rights defenders in Africa during the 71st session of the African Commission. It highlights significant progress made on the continent on the protection of defenders but equally that violations of their rights remain deplorable in some countries.

Burkina Faso│Implementation of the defenders’ law must be a priority

Operating in a context of persistent insecurity and aggravated by the Covid19 crisis, human rights defenders in Burkina Faso are exposed to many risks. The law on the protection of defenders and its implementing decree were adopted in 2018, but its implementation and use remain a challenge for defenders.

Model Law | Now available in four languages

The legal recognition and protection of defenders are crucial to ensuring that they can work in a safe, supportive environment and be free from attacks, reprisals and unreasonable restrictions. The Model Law developed by ISHR to help policy makers better support defenders is now available in four languages, including Arabic.

HRC39 | Burkina Faso must establish a defenders’ protection mechanism

How can a law protecting human rights defenders be fully effective without a mechanism assuring its implementation? Burkina Faso recently became the second African country to adopt a national law protecting human rights defenders. During the adoption of the country's Universal Periodic Review report, ISHR called on the State to ensure the full implementation of the said law through the establishment of a protection mechanism.

West Africa | Civil society assesses the impact of national defenders laws

20 years after the adoption of the UN Declaration on human rights defenders, where are we on the legal protection of defenders in West Africa? To assess the progress made but also the challenges that still remain in the region, ISHR in collaboration with the West African Human Rights Defenders Network (WAHRDN), the Ivorian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (CIDDH) and HRCnet, is organising a workshop with defenders coming from all around the region.