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Liberia Coalition promoting the rights of defenders

The Liberia Coalition for human rights defenders was established in 2002. With the election of its new Board in 2020 and a new leadership, the Coalition aims to further strengthen its capacity and visibility and work in the country to ensure defenders are protected.

Liberia | UN recommendations: A tool for progress for LGBT persons

For recommendations by UN mechanisms to improve the lives of people on the ground, human rights defenders must push for implementation at the national level. This month, ISHR & LEGAL worked with defenders from across Liberia to map out strategies to turn UN recommendations on LGBT issues into reality.

Liberia: Briefing paper on the situation of human rights defenders

(Geneva) - Liberia is scheduled to be reviewed at the 22nd session of the Universal Periodic Review in April 2015. In the absence of a protective legal or policy framework, human rights defenders in Liberia remain vulnerable and are frequently subject to arbitrary arrest and detention, lengthy imprisonment, and even torture. Out-dated libel and defamation laws are used and misused by both State and non-State actors to silence dissent and criminalise the work of defenders.