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Israel/Occupied Palestinian territories: States must act to prevent genocide, protect civilians and ensure accountability

On the same day as a large group of UN independent human rights experts came together to clearly ring the alarm bell on the risk of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and the obligation of all States to take all necessary measures to prevent genocide, ISHR delivered a statement at a high-level briefing on the situation given by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Ending complicity in international crimes: A two-way arms embargo on Israel

Over 170 organisations demand that States that have provided and continue to provide arms and other forms of military assistance to Israel, adhere to their legal obligations and act resolutely and urgently to prevent Israel from perpetuating further international crimes and other serious violations of international law. This includes their obligations to prevent the commission of genocide.

Tunisia: Reject bill dismantling civil society

NGOs call on the Tunisian authorities to refrain from adopting the proposed draft law on associations and, instead, commit to safeguarding the right to freedom of association as enshrined in Decree-law 88 and under international human right law.

Human rights defender’s story: Cyrine Hammemi from Tunisia

Cyrine Hammemi is a human rights defender from Tunisia. Her work focuses on the human rights of persons belonging to minority groups, through alerts on discriminatory situations and the violence they suffered. In an interview with ISHR, Cyrine shares her personal journey into activism and her vision for a more inclusive and equitable future.