2023 Human Rights Defender Advocacy Program Group infront of the UN building in Geneva ©Ben Buckland

2023 Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme participants and ISHR staff in front of the UN building in Geneva ©Ben Buckland

Defenders' stories

Here at ISHR we are constantly being inspired by the brave people taking action to defend human rights and want to share some of their stories with you.

Masa Amir: Egyptian woman human rights defender

Discover Masa Amir's journey as a women's rights advocate in Egypt. Influenced by her experiences in the Middle East, she champions gender equality and defends women's rights, overcoming challenges in Egypt's political landscape. Explore her impactful work at international forums like the UN Human Rights Council.

Fikile Vilakazi: South African LGBT human rights defender

In 2010, Fikile Vilakazi, a fearless defender in South Africa, challenged discrimination as a black lesbian woman. As part of the Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL), she championed LGBTI rights in a nation with persistent discrimination. Fikile's story highlighted the need for justice and equality in the face of discrimination.

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