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HRC51: Impunity for grave violations against Africans in Ceuta and Melilla is a clear manifestation of structural and institutional racism

During HRC51 General Debate Item 4, ISHR, the Implementation Team in Spain for the Decade on People of African descent and the Elin Association, delivered a joint statement supported by 108 organisations in Europe, the Americas and Africa, denouncing the grave human rights violations against African persons at the southern borders of Spain and in particular in Ceuta and Melilla.

Syria: Increasing support for establishing new UN institution to work on revealing the fate and whereabouts of the missing

During the interactive dialogue with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on the Syrian Arab Republic on 22 September 2022, Taafi initiative and ISHR delivered a joint statement urging States to support the recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s report that reflect Syrian victims’ call to establish a new UN institution to work on revealing the fate and whereabouts of the missing, and to provide support for the families.

Sudan: Justice and cooperation mechanisms must be implemented to ensure a peaceful transition

Sudan presented its report in the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review. ISHR delivered a joint statement on behalf of MENA Women Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Sudan Women Rights Action and Nora Center for Combating Sexual Violence, urging Sudan to implement effective measures to guarantee the rights of protesters, women human rights defenders and the rights of women and girls. Furthermore, Sudan must accept and implement all recommendations.

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