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ACHPR75: Increasing awareness for the effective implementation of the Guidelines on Freedom of Association and Assembly in Africa

Six years after the adoption of the Guidelines on Freedom of Association and Assembly in Africa (the FoAA Guidelines), civic space remains restricted, with a direct impact on the restriction of the right to freedom of association and assembly. Civil society organisations urge States to implement the Guidelines.

The Human Rights Council must urgently establish an international investigation in Sudan

Today, the UN Human Rights Council held the 36th Special Session on the human rights impact of the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Sudanese women human rights defenders and women’s groups, supported by ISHR, urged the international community to effectively respond to the devastating humanitarian crisis and the impacts on women and girls including women human rights defenders (WHRDs), and urged the Council to establish an international investigation mechanism with sufficient resources including to investigate the threats and reprisals against WHRDs for their work, and to document sexual and gender-based violence.

Over fifty organisations urge Egypt to immediately release detained academic at risk of death

The Egyptian authorities should immediately release Salah Soltan, the arbitrarily detained father of a prominent US human rights defender, 51 human rights organisations said today. The authorities should ensure his immediate and urgent access to life-saving health care, and conduct effective and transparent investigations into reports that he has been tortured and otherwise ill-treated.

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