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Human Rights Council must establish mechanism to promote accountability for grave violations in Nicaragua

As the country’s rights crisis worsens, UN High Commissioner's reporting, and documentation by civil society organisations, point to the urgent need for efforts to lay the groundwork for future accountability processes in Nicaragua. At its ongoing 49th session, the Human Rights Council must seize the opportunity to create a UN-mandated mechanism to investigate serious violations, identify perpetrators, and preserve the evidence.

Treaty Bodies: Nicaragua defies human rights bodies, escapes scrutiny

In a rare and unwelcome move, Nicaragua has escaped scrutiny from two UN human rights Committees. By choosing to skip both scheduled reviews, and simultaneously ignoring decisions from a regional human rights court, Nicaragua sends a defying message to the international community, and a confirmation of its intentions to hide a problematic human rights record domestically.

HRC46 | Strong resolution adopted to address dire situation in Nicaragua

The recent adoption of laws that severely restrict civil society space are the latest episode in Nicaragua's steady human rights deterioration. During its current session, the Human Rights Council adopted a strong resolution which sets a clear series of benchmarks the government must urgently meet to reverse course and resume meaningful cooperation with the international community.